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Aug. 24th, 2010



Introduing a New Fan Fic Land Comm!

    First to the moderators, if this isn't allowed, I'm sorry, but I didn't see where it said it wasn't.  Delete it, or ask me and I'll remove it.  I honestly did check, but I could have overlooked something somewhere.  I also fully accept that this is not an excuse and take the blame that is due me if I've failed to read something important.

    Now to the rest of my friendly comm mates!  :-)  Many of you are probably familiar with the concept of land comms where the members compete in various activities to see who can gain the most points or reach a goal line first.  I thought it was a really neat concept when I first came across it but quickly found myself bored with the art competitions.  It's the fan fic I want, and all fan fic that I've geared this new land comm after.
    There are five teams -- one for comics, one for movies, one for TV shows, one for cartoons and anime, and one for books --, and each team will be striving to reach 5,000 points first.  Challenges will be both weekly (drabbles/short fics -- from 100 to 1,000 words) and monthly (longer fics -- 1,000 words and longer).  Other things may also be done to earn points as we go along.
    The URL is http://community.livejournal.com/fanficland, but there is a simple form that must be filled out before memberships can be approved.  The form is posted in the first message on the board and should be answered in a comment left to that message.  Please do not reply to this post if you are interested but post over at Fan Fic Land if you are as this is the only time I plan on bothering this wonderful comm with my own comm.

    I hope to see at least some of you there!  Thanks to the mods for this chance to share.  Thank you all for taking the time to read this post and for all the talent, work, and effort you already put into making the world of fan fic a bigger, brighter, and better place for us all!

Pirate Turner

Sep. 20th, 2009



Border (Kel/Aly, 360 words)

Title: Border Patrol
Rating: PG
Setting: Tortall universe, about 470
Characters: Kel/Aly
Prompt: Border
Summary: 360 word fic. Kel used to volunteer for border patrol, but now she regrets it.

If wishes were horses...Collapse )

Sep. 3rd, 2009



Prompt Table: Travel

This is it: the first set of prompts for the Tortall Twenty Project.

Theme: Travel
(thanks to clairshadows  for the suggestion!)


Note: you can also copy this table to your own journal as a way of organizing your fics -- link each prompt to its own fic.

Let the writing begin!

Aug. 31st, 2009



Claims Post

First off, please check out the Tortall 20 Profile for the general rules & information about this community.

Second, although the prompts aren't set yet, I'm going to start taking claims on this post. Just comment with the claim you're requesting.

Each participant should stake a "claim," and then write a story for each prompt, based on that claim. Claims can be a character, pairing, location, or situation. Claims may overlap, but at this point, every claim must be different.

(Example of overlapping claims: Person A has claimed Carthak, Person B has claimed Varice, and Person C has claimed Ozorne/Varice. All three are eligible to write about the first time Ozorne and Varice meet, Varice's reaction to the destruction of Ozorne's palace, etc.)

There is no time limit and no competition -- this is just for fun!

To stake your claim, please comment on the "claims" post. I'll respond to your comment & update the claims list. If you change your mind at any point, and decide not to keep your claim, please comment & I will remove you from the list -- someone else may be waiting for that claim! (But any fics you've already posted can stay up.)

Approved Claims
peroxidepirate  Kel/Aly
 golden_horizon Kel/Seaver
carmarthen   Buri

Aug. 25th, 2009



Theme Poll!

Ok, before we begin, we need to have a set of prompts to work with. Hence, the poll:

1. Should the prompts for this project have a unifying theme? For example, if the theme was (to pick something totally non-Tortall related) "school supplies," the prompts would be things like paper, pencil, calculator, notebook, backpack... If there is no theme, the prompts can be absolutely anything. Either way, of course, the fics can be as closely or as loosely related to the prompts as you wish.

2. If you have any ideas for what the theme should be (if there ultimately is one), please list them.

3. If you have any ideas for specific prompts, please comment to this post.

(4. I think you have to be logged in to an LJ account to vote in the poll. In any case, you'll need an LJ to be part of this project. But this community should allow anonymous comments.)

Poll #1448700 theme poll

Should there be a theme to the Tortall Twenty prompts?


Please fill in any theme ideas you have.




I'd like to introduce the Tortall Twenty Fanfic Project, dedicated to fan fiction based on the books of Tamora Pierce.

We'll start out with a set of 20 prompts (possibly organized around a particular theme?). You can claim a character, situation, or pairing. Your challenge is to write fics/ ficlets/ drabbles for all of the prompts in the set. There's no time limit, and it's not competitive, it's just for kicks. It's called "Tortall Twenty," but claims based on Tamora Pierce's other universe, Emelan, are equally welcome.

This community is under construction -- full guidelines are coming soon! I'm also taking suggestions for the prompt list on this entry. Anyone is welcome to join, and anyone is welcome to comment.